About us

FOZIA KHALID is synonymous with elegance, sumptuousness and luxury. In addition to its couture, Fozia Khalid also produces Luxe pret & luxury unstitches with exquisite aesthetics and design details.

Fozia Khalid Purses excellence and the best in craftsmanship aiming to set the net standards of quality. We believe in sustainable fashion that remains to the morals of brand, committing to provide the highest levels of quality. It is devoted that craftsmanship and the skills are not only passed on but also become memorable.

Fozia Khalid has an inborn and classic sense of style and a classic passion of creating exemplary designs. It is a brand that supports and uplifts a vital cottage industry of Pakistan’s skilled labor with a resolution to preserve and protect our cultural heritage. We have extended our influence beyond fashion to carve our niche as a Pakistan luxury designer.

Fozia Khalid is mastered in the art of layering, the perfection of clever detailing, thread work, delicate embellishments, mesh and cutwork techniques with layering, cut, color and fusion of modern and traditional tailoring. Our aim is to provide signature aesthetics and sustainable designs.